Who We Are

We started out with Live Video Productions in 1996 We than developed our own software for developing for displaying Data from a betting system. In live video production you have no time to fix things later. If you are on-air and thousands of people are watching your program. It simply has to work no matter what.

When we broadcast a horse race over the public Internet to our customer in France they make about 1 Million Euro in betting revenue per race. If they don't receive our picture….well better not think about this scenario. We absolutely know how crucial it is that the IT Infrastructure works 100% with full redundancy - we have no time to start fixing things during a live broadcast. Live video production has always been very IT centered and this is how we grew into the IT sector more and more over the last 25 years.

Live video production is essentially moving massive amounts of data around, in a fail-safe environment. Missing one second is 187MB. Storing and securing the video files redundantly is of utmost importance. These facts and strong interest and enthusiasm in IT made us develop from a Live Video Production company into an IT Company.