Networking Mikrotik and Cisco

VLAN, Firewall, NAT, CAPsMAN,  QoS - Quality of Service, VPN, IPsec 60 Ghz 802.11ad Links Ubiquiti - Wlan and radio link AWS Amazon Cloud , S3 (Storage), Route 53 (Cloud DNS), CloudWatch, Simple Notification Service, EC2 Kubernetes - Automating Deployment Scaling

Windows Server

Active Directory File Server Hyper-V Backups WSUS - Managed Updates RDS - Remote Desktop Services

Linux Server

Ansible - Agentless IT Automation


Terraform - Cloud Server Deployment


Docker - Enterprise Container Platform


Packer - Automated Machine Images



Mikrotik Dude Monitoring Grafana - Data Visualisation Telegraf - Server Agent Zabbix - Infrastructure Monitoring InfluxDB - Time Series Database
stream 1

Live Video Streaming

Live Video Switching and Broadcasting


VMix Live Streaming Video Production


Aviwest / Speedify: IP bonding


OBE Open Broadcast Systems


OBS Live Streaming

Dante Networks (IP Audio)

NDI Newtek (IP Video)

steraming server

Video Streaming Server

RTMP Server HLS Streaming FFMpeg Encoding Streaming Servers in the Cloud Wowza Live Streaming nginx Live Streaming and Caching Simple-RTMP-Server

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